DIY Chalkboard Wall


Yes, yes – I jumped on the trendy chalkboard craze & I kinda really love it! 

After knocking out a nook in our kitchen we were left with a empty wall I just wasn’t sure what to do with. I’ve always wanted a chalkboard I could decorate for holidays, parties, or even just love notes. Lightbulb! Let’s make a chalkboard ON the wall. I’ve seen all the DIY tutorials on how to turn a picture frame or wood into a chalkboard – but let’s be real, I’m too lazy for all that shit.

So I bring you, DIY Chalkboard wall in 3 easy-peasy steps.

  • Pick wall & tape off chalkboard area.
  • Prime & Paint
  • Condition wall & let the artistic juices flow!

Using painters tape, tape off the area you want to be your chalkboard. We chose a thin long rectangle. Apply 2 coats of primer. Once the primer is dry apply your chalkboard paint. We applied 3-4 heavy coats.

It was dry to the touch in about 30 minutes but needs to cure for 2-3 days. During those days we nailed up quarter-round to give a “faux frame” effect. This also hides the imperfect edge you usually get when using painters tape. Once you’ve [im]patiently waited, you need to condition your board before ever writing on it. Take a piece of chalk laid sideways and rub over the entire board until its white. [center photo above]  Wipe clean and you’re ready to go! Eventually I will need to add another layer of paint to keep it fresh. [Don’t forget to condition again when you add new paint.]

I use standard sidewalk chalk to decorate mine in various colors. The boards turn out best when you vary colors, fonts and details. Between each drawing I wipe clean with a wet cloth and let dry completely before starting my next creation. Comment pictures of your favorite chalkboard art below!


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