Springtime Ready Skin

It’s in the 70’s all this week and I couldn’t be happier that Spring is right around the corner! Spring also means tank tops, dresses and showing more skin. I took great care of my skin while pregnant but after Gunnar arrived and this winter, my skin has been neglected.

Shore Thing Lavender is an amazing local small business who delivers quality, all natural products for your body all over the country. Here are some of my favorite products to help get your skin Springtime ready! 


Shore Thing Lavender – Body Butter Candle [available in 10oz and 4oz]

These are an amazing idea – a candle and body butter in one! Light the candle and it will fill your room with the amazing scents of your choosing. When you’re ready, simply take the wooden spoon provided and scoop up some of the melted wax, you can then use this to rub anywhere on your body as a lotion. Not only will it leave you smelling amazing, but the mixture of waxes and oils will leave your skin so smooth and hydrated! My favorite scent is Dusk.

Makes for a perfect gift and are wonderful for massages. If I wasn’t already married the smaller 4oz tins would have been my wedding favors!


Shore Thing Lavender – Whipped Shea Body Butter

I love lotion, but sometimes it can be too thin and not super hydrating. This body butter is the exact opposite. I used it my entire pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks and am continuing to use it to help reduce the appearance of the few stretch marks I did get. This thick, silky body butter melts in your hands and leaves your entire body feeling hydrated and smooth all day long.

So many scents to choose from but don’t see one you’re looking for. Ask and they most likely can make it custom just for you!

About Shore Thing Lavender

Shore Thing Lavender is a small family owned and operated farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Using organic practices and making a positive difference in our community are important to us. Modern life is hectic and many have become detached from the community, each other and the land. Our aim is to create lasting memories through wonderful experiences through our products and our small farm. With support from family, friends and the local community, Shore Thing Lavender — and its line of natural products for body, home, and culinary use – will grow and flourish.


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