Quell: Sciatica/Lumbar Pain Management


Quell is FDA cleared to manage chronic pain 24/7 even while sleeping. 100% drug free. Don’t believe it, neither did I … until my mom bought it and made me try it.

Sciatica/Lumbar pain is the worst. It can range from a dull, nagging ache to being debilitating and immobilizing. Some backstory, 7 years ago I had lower back surgery [L5-S1]. Prior to the surgery after about a year of complaining about hip/leg pain it took multiple doctors to determine I had a herniated disc pushing on my spinal cord. After a few failed steroid epidurals, losing my ability to walk or drive my car, I quickly opted for surgery.

Fast forward 7 years, I’m so thankful I had surgery and in a much better place, but I still have pain and difficulty doing specific activities. I’ve tried it all – massages, chiropractor, medicine, TENS unit – you name it, I’ve tried it. Which is why I was super skeptical when my mom said she ordered me a Quell.

The Quell is essentially a mini wearable TENS unit that delivers consistently timed pulses throughout the day and night. With the touch of a button you can easily turn it on, bump it up or bump it down as your pain needs. It even has an app so you can monitor your usage and sessions.

I wore the Quell for hours at Disney, while walking, standing, riding, etc. I still was in some pain but much less than I would have been. I went one day without wearing it and was in so much pain when I got home. I put the Quell on and within 30 minutes was virtually pain free.

I was once a skeptic but will now recommend this to anyone who needs pain management. It is on the pricier side at $250 with electrode pads you have to replace every 2 weeks, but for something you can wear everyday, reduce the amount of medications you take and that dramatically improves your health, well being and sleep – it’s worth the splurge!

Here’s to happier, pain-free days ahead!





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