First Weekend in Spring 2017


It’s rare that we get a full weekend with Leep. He typically works Saturdays and we have to squeeze things into one day. This weekend we were lucky and had him with us for a full weekend, and man did we make the most of it! Join us for a weekend in the life of the Malmy’s!

This weekend Spring showed it’s lovely self and it was a gorgeous 75 degrees. Our day starts around 8am when Gunnar wakes up, we started Saturday with an egg and bacon breakfast and some outside playtime. Gunnar loves finding rocks, kicking pine cones, running and playing peek-a-boo with his reflection in the truck bumper.


While I’ve been reluctant to do it, it was time to cut Gunnar’s hair. I love his shaggy beach baby locks but they were in his eyes, looking a little mullet-esque and time for a change. We went to Pigtails & Crewcuts and opted for a ‘pompadour’. This place is geared toward kids and pretty awesome – everyone was nice, they had animal crackers to keep him calm and a movie showing. [And how often can you get a haircut in a toy airplane?!] They have a ‘First Haircut’ package where you get a picture and lock of their hair for keepsake, too!

Next on our to-do list was shopping at Target, where we spent way too much money. [But let’s be real, who doesn’t at Target] We’ll breeze over this so I don’t have to relive the guilt I felt at the register but look at how happy and grown this boy looks!

We then headed back home for some lunch and naptime. [This is when Mommy & Daddy get a moment to relax] Gunnar takes 1 nap a day about 2-2.5 hours. After he woke up, we were determined to soak up as much of this beautiful weather as possible and headed to the park! We have a great park down the road from us that has all sorts of play areas, interactive elements, musical instruments and even a tandem swing!

After the park we washed up and headed out for a dinner at Tupelo Honey with some of our friends and then out to Hampton to celebrate a good friends 30th Birthday. Gunnar loved running around with some of the other little girls that were there, throwing cornhole bags and staying up way past his bedtime!

Phew, what a Saturday! Sunday was packed with just as much adventure! We started Sunday heading back out to Hampton to have a delicious breakfast at First Watch with Uncle Worm, Auntie Ash and Aunt Olivia to celebrate Olivia’s birthday. [Pictured left: Floridian French Toast, Right: Market Skillet Hash]

After breakfast we headed to Buckroe Beach with Uncle Worm & Auntie Ash to burn off some calories, find seashells, play frisbee and run around on the pier.

We wrapped up our eventful Sunday eating afternoon snack on the back porch and breaking in our water table in the backyard!

I think if you ask Gunnar, he would call this the “Best Weekend Ever!” What fun adventures did you get into this weekend?



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