In the Easter Basket


I love holidays. Any reason to decorate, make themed foods, give gifts and celebrate – count me in! Gunnar is getting to the age where he enjoys opening gifts and can start sharing in the excitement.

Here’s a roundup of all the fun toddler things you can put in your little bunny’s Easter basket this year. 


|| One || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six ||Seven||

One. It’s always good to include something educational, and this book is super cute! Two. I love the clothes and cute sayings SlyFox Threads has to offer. Three. With the warm weather coming up beach, pool & bath toys are always a good go-to. Four. This is Gunnar’s favorite cup and we go through them like crazy. Five. Both Leep & I love our sunnies so why not get Gunnar a super cute pair. He can look cool while protecting his eyes. Six. What kid doesn’t love sidewalk chalk. Seven. Gunnar loves playing with his magnetic letters and we’re to the age to start learning them also!

What are you including in your bunny’s basket? Do you have any fun Easter traditions?


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