His & Hers Engagement Gifts

Engagement Giftbags

This past weekend during their ‘Stock the Bar’ housewarming party, surrounded by everyone they love, Leep’s brother Jeremy popped the question and was answered with an excited – Yes! 17634418_10102349967907607_8985838658398820672_n.jpg

Congrats Uncle Worm & Auntie Ash!

We were the only two in on the when & where details so we decided to surprise them with his & her engagement gifts right after the proposal to start the celebrating early. Most people will gift a bottle of wine, a Congratulations card or some other generic gift. Why not mix it up and give something a little more personal and meaningful. Here’s what we put in our gifts…

For Him


Book || Traditional Glasses || Mr & Mrs Glasses || Ice Cube Tray

Since it was a ‘Stock the Bar’ party, we decided to go the liquor route. In Jeremy’s bag we included a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon we’ve been enjoying lately as well as rocks glasses & a whiskey ice cube tray. You can do traditional rocks glasses or match the occasion and get “Mr. & Mrs.” glasses. We also threw in Leep’s favorite book for anyone getting married, Everything Men Know About Women. He thinks it’s hilarious, check it out and see why. [Paw Patrol bag is courtesy of Gunnars fine taste in the bag we should get]

For Her


Ring Holder || Bride Binder || Not Pictured: Champagne & Bridal Magazines

Again for the “Stock the Bar” party we included some Ciroc vodka and I threw in a bottle of bubbly to celebrate post proposal. We also wanted something practical that could be used everyday. I decided on a handmade ceramic ring/jewelry holder. If you’ve been engaged or married I’m sure you remember how careful you were when you first got your beautiful diamond. This will give her someplace safe to keep it without screaming “just engaged” or being monogrammed with a new name she most likely hasn’t decided if shes taking or not yet. It wouldn’t be a proper engagement bag without my trustworthy Bride Binder to get through all the wedding planning woes and I also threw in a few bridal magazines.

What are some of your favorite, unique gift ideas?



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