Our Happily Ever After: 5 Years


5 years. 1,826 days.

Leep & I have been together for 5 years today. Happy Dateversary, Babe!

In honor of our 5 years, I thought I would give a quick 5 tips that have helped us make it through these last 5 years. Then, who doesn’t love a good photo montage? 

  • Go on adventures together. 
    • Do things he likes, do things she likes, do things neither of you have ever done before! I remember dragging Leep to his first wine fest. I’m sure he went to make me happy but now he loves them just as much as I do! We both avidly love football and try to attend as many games as we can. If we even just have a free hour before having to pick up Gunnar, sometimes we will go grab an appetizer & a beer.
  • Do everything as a team. 
    • The good, the bad and the ugly should all be faced and conquered as a team. No one person has the final say or is the sole decision maker.
  • Communicate effectively. 
    • Everyone knows communication is the key to any relationship but are you communicating effectively. Are you expressing yourself in a way that is easy to understand and fair to both of you. We’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations, but no matter what the reason we have a rule of no name calling or cursing at each other during a disagreement.
  • Put each other first.
    • Families, children, jobs, friends. These all come second to them. You’re best friends and partners in life – always put each other before anything else. Sometimes this means supporting each other even when you disagree.
  • Love each other always. 
    • Life happens. Fights happen. Ruts happen. Joy happens. There will be constant ups and downs and love takes work. Never stop making an effort to love 110% of who they are, 110% of the time. If you can’t muster 110%, just do your best – there’s always tomorrow. Sometimes I’ll tell Leep “I don’t like you right now, but I’ll always love you.”

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