Toddler Friendly Cool Whip Easter Egg Dyeing


While this post is a moot point now, it was super fun and easy so I had to share. It’s a good one to keep in your back pocket when Easter rolls around again.

Last year at Easter, Gunnar was too small to understand or participate. This year was a different ball game. We dyed eggs, did multiple eggs hunts and celebrated with family.

We dyed our Easter eggs with Cool Whip, yes you read that right. The sweet, sticky dessert topping! We all loved every delicious moment of it.

All you need is: Cool Whip (thawed), food coloring, hard boiled eggs, skewer, spoon and a pan. Gloves are optional if you don’t want dyed fingers, but ours washed off easily!


First, spread your Cool Whip in the pan, we used 13 x 9, in a nice even layer. Beware tiny fingers will dig in immediately. 🙂


Next, drop food coloring all over and swirl around with your skewer. [This is where the Gunnar tie-die kicked in, too.]


Once you’re happy with your swirling, drop your hard boiled eggs in and roll all around. You can use your fingers or the spoon. [Excuse Gunnar’s appearance, we just finished playing outside with our water table]


Pull your swirled eggs out and place in the egg carton to sit for 15-20 mins with the Cool Whip still on them.


After 15-20 mins [it will take you this long to clean up your toddler and everything they touched] use paper towels to wipe the excess Cool Whip off the eggs. I tried using a wet cloth and as you can see the first egg, it takes a lot of the color off. Plain, dry paper towels worked best. You’re left with awesome, tie-dye, galaxy like eggs!

What are your favorite toddler friendly Easter ideas?



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