My Baby: You are enough, You have enough


Parenting is hard. Not only do you have to worry about if you’re raising them to be polite, functioning humans, other judgmental parents and providing well balanced meals – it’s your job to protect them from the craziness of the world & ‘adult’ problems. That last one weighs on me heavily, because one day they will be old enough to understand. This is an open letter to children who have individuals who have chosen to not be a part of their lives. 

My Baby,

With every upturn of your lips, giggle from your belly, new word and new learning, I ask myself – how can someone make the choice to miss all this. How can they sit on the sidelines, ignore you, miss every milestone and just not care. What they must not realize is you are beyond amazing and watching you grow is the greatest thing on this earth. You are enough, you have enough. 

My heart aches at the thought of the days coming when you’ll ask me ‘Why? Where are they? Am I not good enough? Why do they care for others but not for me?’ I’m sure I’ll stumble through those answers and often get them wrong. Know that this has nothing to do with you, this is their choice and ultimately their loss. You are enough, you have enough.

I’ll continue to do my best to shelter you from the bullshit but, one day you’ll be old enough to understand this all for yourself. It will hurt – all over again. You’ll realize that with their lies they haven’t just removed themselves, but pushed others away from you also. The cards will stop coming, the texts already have. It’s not right, it’s not fair, but we will get through it together. You are enough, you have enough. 

Those who surround you love you beyond words. You have the best support system you could ever need. They’ve molded your dad & I into who we are. Stood by us, cheered us on and love us all unconditionally. No matter the situation or circumstance, they will never abandon or give up on us – they’re pretty amazing!  They adore you, they appreciate you and most importantly they love you wholeheartedly. They cherish every smile, hug, I love you and tantrum. You are enough, you have enough. 

So, if you ever feel yourself asking those questions or down on yourself wondering why. We’ve made it this far without them and our future looks damn bright!

My baby, always remember – you are enough, you have enough. 


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