DIY: Live Edge Hairpin Leg Table

Wood grain. Live edge. Bark accents. Sleek metallic legs. Mid-century farmhouse feel. Perfection.

I’ve oogled over these tables online for months. Knowing one would fit perfectly as an entryway table in our new house. But being typical me, I’d put them in my shopping cart and see the price + shipping and abort mission. Then, I realized ‘I could make this!’ – and so I did. I made an entryway table, but this can easily be adapted for a table of smaller or larger sizes. Follow along below if you’ve been wanting to tackle this project yourself, too.

The hardest part to this whole project is finding & picking your wood top. We have an awesome local wood shop on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that has all different sizes, varieties & thicknesses of wood. I ended up selecting a two-inch thick, six-foot long slab of black walnut. Tip: Ask them to wet the wood for you, this gives you an idea what it will look like finished.

Once you have your wood slab, prepare to sand your life away. And then sand some more until your arms are permanent noodles. Using an orbital sander, I sanded all sides of my slab starting with 60 grit and working my way up to 250 grit. Tip: I would wet the wood between each sanding session to see if there were lines or spots I needed to focus on more.

When the wood is sanded to your liking and desired smoothness, it’s time to finish it. Wet & wipe the wood of all debris and let dry. For the finishing coat/oil – I started using General Finish Arm-R-Seal in satin. I applied all finishes with an arts & crafts sponge brush in consistent strokes with the wood grain. While it was wet, it looked exactly how I pictured, but once it dried it was lack-luster. It wasn’t giving me the semi-shiny look I was going for or bringing out the beautiful figure of the wood. After two coats of Arm-R-Seal and still not being happy, I called an audible and decided to switch to Rust-Oleum’s Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane in gloss finish. I applied this directly on-top of the Arm-R-Seal and did two additional coats. This was the touch it needed – shiny, glossy & oh so beautiful!

When it was fulled cured, last step was to attach the legs. I originally ordered 28″ hairpin legs and when I stopped to measure things out, they made the table too low. [Hindsight, should have measured before ordering!] I eventually ordered 34″ hairpin legs and those were the perfect height! Map out the leg angle & placement before screwing them on. I tried out a few options before landing on the final placement. Attach the legs to the bottom using the hardware provided – mine was just 4 screws per leg.

Voila! you have a picture, pinterest perfect table!

This is one of my favorite DIY projects so far this year – whats yours?


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