Couch to Half Marathon Plan

Picture this: you’re sitting on your couch sipping a beverage, munchin’ on a snack, browsing your phone. You get a wild hair up that semi-active ass of yours that running a half marathon would be *fun*. You sign up, pay the fees and think “I’ve got time!”. Flash forward – months go by and you realize ‘Oh shit! My half marathon is in 3 months and the most I’ve ran is after the ice cream truck… now what?!’

Just me? Oh well. Follow along to see my plan to get my ass in gear and go from couch to half marathon in three months!

Click the image below to get a downloadable plan to help get you half marathon ready in three months. My plan utilizes staggered small runs with one long run each week. This gives you the opportunity to switch it up, focusing on speed, cadence, endurance. Starting with low mileage and slowly working your way up to the mark then tapering back down. I intentionally left the days blank so you can determine a cadence that fits into your schedule best. I’ve set mine as Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

Make it fun! Each day you complete a run – color in the box, add a sticker, check it off – whatever tickles your fancy to prove to yourself that you rocked that run and are one run closer to your goal.

Fuel your body appropriately, throw on those cute [or in my case old] work out clothes, lace up, jam out and lay down those miles! Whether you’re running it all, walking it all or a combo of both – you’re out there moving and WILL finish the race.

I get the worst shin splints, so I live by running with shin sleeves. What are your favorite running tips?


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