DIY Wallpaper Accent Wall

I’ve always wanted to do a fun wallpaper accent wall, but most of the walls in my house are textured. Whomp. We when we built the new house, our powder room came with a pedestal sink and boring construction grade fixtures and it was in dire need of an upgrade. I saw my opportunity and took it – the hardest part was convincing my husband!

I ordered this wall paper off of Amazon. It doesn’t involve any glue, mess, or stress – you just peel and stick. [And stick again, if you lay it crooked like we did… a few times] The rolls are 9.8 ft long and our walls are 9 ft, so I ordered enough to do one full strip at a time so we didn’t have to merge seams in the middle of the wall. Depending on your design, this may not be a problem.

First we removed anything that would be in our way and gave the wall a good wipe down to remove any dust or dirt. Picked an upper corner of the wall and got started.

The best way to install the first strip is to go about 2 inches onto the ceiling and 2 inches onto the wall next to you in the corner. It’s extremely rare that your wall is straight and if you use the corner as your guide you will end up crooked. Getting this first piece on was the hardest, but through trial and error, we developed a system that worked well.

To begin, un-peel about 2 feet and stick that on as straight as you can with the 2 inches overlapping onto the ceiling. We used a plastic putty knife to gentle press the wallpaper to the wall. Then, pull the backing halfway down the wall to about the center. Have someone on the ground line it up in the middle of the sheet with the design next to it and stick it starting from the center pressing it to the wall moving outwards, upwards then down.

Lay the wallpaper right over any light holes, sockets, etc. in your path then go back in with a razor blade and cut clean lines around them. Once you’re happy with your strip, go back and push it down firmly by rubbing the putty knife against it. Being careful not to gouge into the paper and rip it. Should you have any holes you can’t seem to push out, simply poke a small hole into it using the razor blade and push the air out to flatten it against the wall.

Wall hangers | TP holder | Mirror | Vanity | Light | Faucet | Drawer Pulls | Towel Ring

Finish your room with additional accents to tie to all together and in a few hours you have a completely different space! Post pictures of your wallpaper makeovers below.


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