DIY Board + Batten Wall

The self dubbed DIY queen of using what I have and making it work… we recently did a shiplap wall in our dining room/kitchen [that post is coming soon] and we had some extra wood. I made a post about our guest bathroom earlier when we added a wallpaper accent wall, but I felt the bathroom still needed a little more. Using the remainder of our DIY shiplap wood, we built a half board + batten wall. Follow along to see how we got this look for less!

This project is super easy and can be completed in a weekend. The first step is to determine how wide you want your boards, how far apart they will be, and how tall you need them. These will all be dependent on your space and the look you’re going for. We went with 2.5 inch boards, 11.5 inches apart and 47 inches tall.

After you have your measurements, know how many boards you need – get to ripping! As said before, we used leftover ‘shiplap’ wood which was 1/4 inch Sanded Plywood 5ft x 8ft boards. We were able to get all of our wood out of one board [$22]. We ripped them using a table saw with a fine finish blade.

Using a level we first put up the vertical boards, being mindful to hold the top horizontal board up so that all would touch at the top. If our cuts were slightly off, we would put the space at the bottom of the board and ensure the top of the board was butted up against the top horizontal board. To attach the boards, we put a thin layer of liquid nails on the back and used a pneumatic finishing nailer to put a few nails into each board.

After all the boards were on the wall, we covered all nail holes and seams with plaster and sanded once dry.

Last step is to paint a few coats of your selected color and seal the seams using a caulk! We just used an Pure White Semi-Gloss paint from Home Depot. For the top we used Silverplate by Sherwin Williams in a semi-gloss.

A few days worth of work create a very custom woodwork finish in any room in your home.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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